Shipping Information for Mitten Crate 

Shipment Fulfillment Times
Shipping times quoted at checkout are only for the transit portion, and quoted from our shipping service providers. Shipping transit times are not guaranteed and typically are only counted as business days (weekends and holidays excluded). Most Mitten Crate orders will take about 24-72 hours to fulfill before being picked up by a shipment carrier service. Each order is handled with extreme care and the nature of gift boxes means we have to take our time to stage everything correctly, both for aesthetics but also for shipping integrity. 


Refunds & Returns
Mitten Crate will not accept returns and/or issue refunds except for on a case by case basis. If you have to file a claim with a shipping service please use the tracking information provided in the shipment details email to do so. 


Shipping Issues
If there are shipping issues we will address each case independently. We are not responsible for wrong addresses or any other user input that renders a shipment undeliverable. Please make sure you have the correct address when checking out, including but not limited to any apartment or unit numbers. We will not refund orders for packages that are refused; this happens rarely but some people will refuse a package (RTS - return to sender) because they didn't initially place the order. Our suggestion is that if you are ordering for an older person you should let that person know that you've sent them "something" so they are expecting to be receiving a package they didn't order.  


Carrier Servicing, Free Shipping, Carrier Changing, & Couriers
We reserve the right to ship a package however we see fit. Choosing a service to ship with at checkout is a recommended service based on pricing algorithms. Sometimes it is in the best interest of the recipient to be sent their package with a different carrier than selected due to but not limited to; shipping transit times, recipient location, contents of packaging, size of packaging, address formatting, PO Boxes, or recent notifications from carriers about slow downs and other logistics problems. 100/100 we do this for the benefit of the recipient or because our shipping software recommends a different service. We will occasionally employ couriers for certain shipments as well. 


Contacting us about your shipments
In the event you need to contact us directly, please email your issue with order details to and one of us can help sort things out. Things happen and while we cannot guarantee we will fix every problem that arises we do out best to make sure our customers are extremely happy and will continue to choose Mitten Crate for all their gifting needs in the future. 

At the end of the day we at Mitten Crate want to make sure that you receive your orders promptly, intact, and with a huge smile on your face. Please know that we are not trying to do anything besides deliver the best goods to you and there are forces out of of our control when shipping items.